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Small Business Advocate

bolstr Bolstr

The Opportunity…

Fast talking Loan Brokers have destroyed trust among small business owners looking for fair access to loans that work for their situation. Too often business owners are deceived into accepting high interest rate merchant cash advanced loans with daily repayment, where the implied cost of capital can be north of 50%.

As a Small Business Advocate at Bolstr you will renew trust, and help destroy the barriers that exist for small business owners to access fair and transparent capital. You will be the first point of contact for the small business owners we partner with, and nurture them through the application process. You will have the opportunity to get to know them personally, and serve as their trusted partner. This may include explaining how our unique revenue share structure protects them against seasonal sales cycles, or talking with them about how much funding they need to launch their second location. You will be the confidante for hundreds of small business owners, and you will wake up daily knowing that you are not only directly influencing their success, but are also working for a company that is revolutionizing financial access and inclusion.

What You'll Be Doing…

Nurture small business owners through the application process on Bolstr by serving as the go-to contact. Talk with them daily, learn their stories, and coach them through our application process.

What You Should Already Have…

  • At least 3 years working in a customer facing role
  • You fundamentally believe in diversity and inclusion of people and ideas in the workplace, and among the customers you serve
  • You love helping others, and find great satisfaction in seeing those you support succeed
  • You are an excellent communicator with professional phone skills, and can quickly churn out beautifully written, concise emails that even a 5 year old could understand
  • Thinking on your feet isn’t just something you’re good at, it’s something you love. When faced with new challenges, failure simply isn’t an option.
  • “I’m a people person” is an understatement. You’ve got thick skin, and it’s no problem taking a negative and turning it into a positive. You’re ready to turn a critic into your biggest evangelist
  • You’re not easily overwhelmed. Emails, Phone Calls, Hundreds of Requests and questions a week? Bring it. You find excitement and thrill by driving customers to completion and generating revenue.
  • Enthusiasm is your middle name; you’re the type of person that gets excited about anything and everything that interests you.
  • You’re superhuman. Some days you’ll work late and some days you’ll work early…whatever it takes to build trust with our business owners and help them succeed.
  • You’re pumped to work on a small early stage team
  • Your friends would say that integrity and respect for other people is a fundamental aspect of your personality

    What We're About…

    The first thing to know about Bolstr is that everything we do makes a difference directly in peoples lives. As we continue to grow we continue to positively impact our economy and stimulate job growth. We fundamentally believe that our financial system has failed small business which is the rock our country was built on. Too often businesses are turned down for bank financing, deceived into accepting high interest rate debt from merchant cash advance shops, and left with little to no options but to shut their doors. We've created a new approach that brings fast, fair capital to businesses.

    Bolstr is a marketplace lending platform where consumer, retail and manufacturing businesses access growth capital from accredited investors. We’ve developed an innovative revenue share loan structure that helps businesses raise $25,000 – $500,000, and make flexible monthly repayments to investors that are sized proportionally to their revenue. Investors are repaid monthly until they earn a fixed cash return back. This means the repayment term is flexible, allowing businesses to pay back investors only when their business can afford to. With minimum investments as low as $2,500, the Bolstr model democratizes access to investing in small businesses in a diversified manner.

    Bolstr is At The Forefront of Disruption Within an Enormous Market:
    “Small business lending is likely to see further disruption as technology (particularly ‘big data analytics’) and an expanding pie drives growth to alternative lenders. We see $178bn of small business loans in the banking system that could be “at risk” of being disintermediated, with $1.6bn of banking industry profits attached to those loans.” -Goldman Sachs

    We've Got Top Tier Backers on Both Coasts…

    Kapor Capital

    Montage Ventures

    DRW Venture Capital

    Merrick Ventures

    Doug Lebda (Founder/CEO, LendingTree)

    Mellody Hobson (President, Ariel Investments)

    David Rose (Founder/CEO, Gust.com)

  • To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.