Senior Data Analyst

William E. Wecker Associates, Inc.

Senior Statistical Programmer/Analyst responsibilities span all project phases (locating and assembling data, building datasets for analysis, implementing and interpreting mathematical and statistical procedures that often involve novel, challenging analyses of large datasets, and creating final presentations, reports, and graphics), while working closely with project managers and principal consultants to solve client problems. In our project teams we value and recognize ability and performance over hierarchy. We welcome new ideas and suggestions for better ways of achieving project goals and encourage continual improvement of skills and methods. We do our work on a flexible schedule as projects require; we meet deadlines.

Desirable qualifications include:

  • MS or PhD in statistics, applied mathematics, operations research, economics, or a related field;
  • Aptitude for quantitative problem solving and precision;
  • Experience in data analysis and strong computer skills (we use SAS, Stata, R and S-Plus, Python, Perl, Mathematica, and other scientific packages, and standard business and graphics software on UNIX, Macintosh and Windows platforms);
  • Ideally, an excellent working knowledge of Base SAS, SAS/STAT, SAS SQL, and advanced SAS DATA step and macro programming on a UNIX and Windows platforms;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Ability to work collaboratively in an informal, collegial environment;
  • Ability to work effectively under deadlines.

Compensation and benefits:

  • Compensation strongly competitive with business, government, and academia;
  • Company-sponsored health and dental coverage.

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