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The Secret Data Science Group at Salesforce is looking for Data leaders to help us in our mission to democratize data science and to make it accessible to people without machine learning PhDs while solving for accuracy, usability and scale. No, really.

This is not an easy job and here is why:

  • We have amazing engineers who are world class experts in their field. Your job will not be to lead or manage them. But to make them as productive as they can possibly be.
  • You will be attending a lot of meetings, some of them (heck, probably most of them) will not be very productive, but communication is essential for our success.
  • You will be selling, a lot! Our top value is to Hire, Motivate and Retain the best. And our plans is to more than double our engineering team this year alone. Everyone who is good enough to meet our bar, will most likely be good enough for a lot of other companies. You will need to Always Be Closing.
  • We are like a small startup that needs to scale to thousands of customers from day 1. You will be the architect of the entire process for making this train run smoothly and on time.
  • You will need to learn a lot, quickly. We have a very unique set of problems, ranging from engineering to machine learning to product to business. Engineers do not operate in a vacuum and you will need to be the person who connects these dots.

Here is why it is worth it:

  • People – you will get to work with truly some of the best people and hopefully learn a lot
  • Challenge – our team has experience working in some of the most famous companies in the world, and none of us ever faced the challenges that we are solving for now.
  • Spotlight – Dreamforce is the largest technology conference in the world (170,000 attendees in 2015). And our work will be on the center stage.
  • Open Source – we believe in open source and the self actualization engineers get from having their work be used by others. Our open source project is the most starred Scala GitHub repo (more than Spark, Play and Scala itself!) and amongst the top 5 most starred Machine Learning projects (right there with TensorFlow and Scikit Learn).
  • Perks – we compete with the best here.

This is what you need to bring:

  • Experience – The only way to learn people leadership, is by experience. We will need you to bring that experience. We want the best people who spend large portions of their time thinking about how to hire, motivate and retain the best.
  • Technical prowess – We don't expect you to be the most technical person on your team, but there is a pretty high minimum bar that you must pass to be useful to the team.
  • Data – our job is to power lots and lots data science use cases. You need to live and breathe data engineering and have a very informed opinion on the various alternatives for large scale processing systems, real time streaming systems, NoSQL databases, etc.
  • Process – your job will be to enable all the engineers you work with to perform at their highest potential. This cannot be a random process. You will need to have a philosophy on how software is developed.

If you think this is the right job for you, and you are the right person for the job, please write and share with us a couple of paragraphs on why you think you would like this job and why you think you are the right person.

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