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Machine Learning Engineer Internship - IoT BigData Jobs

Machine Learning Engineer Inte...

Kayem Foods, Inc.

Kayem Foods is currently seeking talented students to work with our Machine Learning and Language Technologies(MLT) Group. As an intern, you will be working alongside our engineers.

An ideal candidate for this position has a good mix of technical and analytical skills for software development, as well as a research-oriented background suitable for developing solutions. We are looking for dedicated, self-motivated individuals capable of working independently as well as in small teams.Machine learning methods have become integral and irreplaceable parts of modern automation. While turning large amounts of data into predictive models can be tremendously powerful in many contexts, the resulting models (e.g., neural networks) are often challenging to interpret and verify. This lack of transparency casts doubt on their utility for mission critical applications or for easy maintenance. There have been recent efforts to make machine learning techniques and their predictions more interpretable to the user, for example by simplifying the model representation or encouraging sparsity of features. However, the development of these techniques largely focuses on algorithm accuracy, and the claim of “interpretability” is often implicitly assumed yet unverified.

The primary task for this position will be to conduct human-subjects research to evaluate the interpretability, user trust, and effectiveness of novel machine learning algorithms. The successful applicant will support the principal investigators during testing in all phases of research, including experimental design and setup, subject preparation, data collection, data management and analysis, and report generation.


The candidate should be pursuing a graduate degree in computer science, cognitive science, or a related field.

Desired Skills

Candidates should be familiar with machine learning, data analysis and/or statistics, and be able to program effectively in a high level language (e.g. MATLAB, Python, C++, Java). Preferred applicants will have an educational background in cognitive science or a related discipline (e.g., experimental psychology, human-computer interaction, or human factors engineering), with experience conducting human-subject research.


Machine learning, human-computer interaction, human factors

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.