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ETL Developer / Data Analyst - IoT BigData Jobs

ETL Developer / Data Analyst

centric Centric Consulting

ETL Developer / Data Analyst


Looking for the next step in your career? Do you love crafting unique solutions?

Centric Consulting is hiring an ETL Developer / Data Analyst for our Chicago office. We are looking for seasoned professionals looking to make an impact – both with clients and in their personal career.

What We Look For In an ETL Developer / Data Analyst

  • Creating unmatched experiences , for both clients and employees, is what we do. You should revel in doing the unexpected and extraordinary for others.
  • We want someone who likes to solve problems . Clients don’t come to us when the problem is easy. You should enjoy taking on the hard stuff.
  • Last, but not least, you will need to be a solid ETL Developer / Data Analyst. You should also be able to d esign and extend Pentaho jobs and transformations to process a wide variety of flat files, including dynamic layouts provided by a database.

Why Centric?

  • Supportive environment – We expect a lot from our Data Analyst. But you won’t be asked to do it alone. You will have the full support of the Chicago office leadership and everyone at Centric. We love to help people succeed.
  • Growth opportunities – As a mid-size firm, there is more flexibility when it comes to career paths. Figure out what you want to do, and we’ll figure out how to get you there.
  • Special culture – Hands down, our people are the best part of Centric. In fact, our employees voted us a Glassdoor 2016 Best Place to Work .
  • Network of technology champions – There’s no fun in being the only geek in the room. Centric celebrates all things tech. For example, we hold a yearly gathering called Camp I/O. In the vein of TEDx talks, Camp I/O is an opportunity for technology-minded people across Centric to get together and show off what they can do when not constrained by client requirements and platforms. Check out some of the innovative presentations from last year.
  • Low travel – It’s time to get off the road. We want you focused on Chicago. You can expect less than 20% travel. That said if you like being a road warrior just let us know. As with all things at Centric, we are flexible.
  • All-company (paid!) vacation trip – Who doesn’t want to go someplace warm in the winter?
  • Prefer to contract?

    • Contractor friendly environment – Contractors are an important part of our Centric family, and we treat them as such. You will find that our policies and practices make it easy for you to contract with us.
    • Benefits eligibility – As a W2T temporary employee, you are eligible for Centric’s W2T benefits package which include medical and dental coverage. We are also open to Corp to Corp arrangements (no benefits in that case, however).
    • Full-time potential – Many of our full-time employees originally started as contractors. If that’s something you are interested in, we can explore those options. That said if you want to remain a contractor that’s fine too. We are flexible.


To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.