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Data Scientist, Cloud Platform - IoT BigData Jobs

Data Scientist, Cloud Platform...

Huawei Huawei

US R&D Data Management Platform and Ads team is looking for an experienced Data Scientist, to develop and apply algorithms and models in areas like user behavior modeling, ads, searching.


• Apply latest data analytic and learning technologies to innovative applications in both BI analysis and business scenarios like recommendation, ads, search, and fraud detection.

• Expand Data as Service collaboration with partners in US and other international markets.

• Apply deep learning algorithm to improve understanding of user behavior and content

• Help to evolve large scale Data management Platform and tools in all aspects, from data collection to data processing, exploration, visualization and modeling.

JOB SPECIFICATIONS (Education, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities); (refers to job, not incumbent)


Minimum: Master's Degree

Preferred: Doctoral/Professional Degree

Major/Discipline: Computer Science/Math

Relevant Work Experience

Minimum: 3+ year of Data Science

Preferred: 5+ years of ML, DL, Data Science

Skills & Abilities: (Technical or General)

Minimum Requirements:

• Knowledge of data analysis techniques

• Experience in implement and validate big data algorithms and models

• Strong communications skills

• Ability to work well as part of a team


• Able to lead a team in developing and executing your technical vision, including planning, technical decision-making, and project management.

• Versed in the process of applying effective algorithms to large scale data modeling

• Experience with deep learning algorithms

• Experience in Hadoop/Spark/Flink or similar big data frameworks

• Programming experience with R/Scala/Python

• Experience with DMP or Advertising system is a plus.

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.