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Data Scientist - IoT BigData Jobs

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

San Francisco, CA 2016-11-03 - –

Near Near

Tasks include

  • Developing “core” data science models that power the Near Location Intelligence Platform and its associated products
  • Data types include structured and unstructured data in multiple formats (text,audio,video) spanning multiple domains including user profile data, geo-spatial data, network data and retail data
  • Model development including data cleanup, model building and testing
  • Working closely with the Engineering team to “operationalize” and deploy the models
  • Mentoring Near’s data science teams globally


  • Familiar with Model development lifecycle, data wrangling/munging in Python, Java, R, Clojure
  • Good expertise with basic probability/stats, stochastic processes, p-values and more
  • Basic ML models – NaiveBayes, LogisticRegression, SVM – Classifier development, Clustering, basic matrix ops – MF, PCA and more
  • Background in OR, Numerical analysis, Optimization, Linear/Non-linear/Integer programming, Statistics, Combinatorial optimization is a plus
  • Familiarity with R, ApacheSpark, Mahout is a plus
  • Needs to be comfortable writing code for model building and bootstrap, test and own models through their lifecycle

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.