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Data Scientist - IoT BigData Jobs

Data Scientist

SpringVentureKC Spring Venture Group

Spring Venture Group is looking for a talented, passionate, and curious Data Scientist to help investigate our data and look for alternative ways to solve some of our complex business problems. Some projects we’re currently tackling include: maximizing profit with our lead buys through the usage of machine learning and optimization modeling, predictive churn modeling to measure customer flight risk, talent acquisition modeling, and the use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to effectively communicate with prospects and current policy holders.

We are looking for a mixture between a statistician, machine learning expert and engineer: someone who has passion for building and improving internal processes informed by data. The ideal candidate understands human behavior and knows what to look for in the data, and should have a solid foundation of the statistics behind standard statistical design methods such as A/B testing and multivariate testing.

This role has the potential for massive impact on Spring Venture Group’s growth trajectory. If you have a background in statistics, mathematics, or analytics and are interested in applying it to grow Spring Venture Group, we want to hear from you!


  • Develop strategies to extract, resolve, and unify information of various types from numerous disparate data sources
  • Develop new technologies and machine learning process to support company initiatives
  • Provide detailed reporting on working projects
  • Provide guidance and input on new and innovative ways to improve current data science stack


  • Proficiency in SQL and Python, with an emphasis on using pandas and scikit-learn libraries
  • High degree of proficiency and competency with machine learning methodologies and concepts
  • An advanced understanding of business problem solving
  • Very familiar with database design and implementation
  • Operationally focused – understands what metrics to track and how to use them to identify and diagnose areas for optimization

Spring Venture Group is an equal employee opportunity employer.

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.