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Data scientist - IoT BigData Jobs

Data scientist

Data scientist

Washington, DC 2016-11-08 - –

qxbranch QxBranch

QxBranch is seeking a data scientist with a strong background in machine learning and the ability to perform in client-facing roles. Team members will have the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to diverse problems. The data science team is primarily located in Washington DC, with remote work available in some circumstances.
QxBranch data scientists are effective working in team environments, independently formulating and developing creative solutions, and regularly interacting with clients.

Qualifications typically include a Bachelor of Science with relevant industry experience.

· Prototype, develop, and deploy complex analytics models for client systems
· Organize, manage, and curate large and complex datasets
· Work on an internationally distributed team, with schedule flexibility
· Deliver high quality technical outcomes while adhering to cost and schedule constraints
· Continue technical and professional development to ensure QxBranch technology remains on the cutting edge

Education and experience requirements
· Proficiency in Python and common machine learning packages such as scikit-learn, NLTK, and Theano
· Competence in all portions of the data analytics pipeline, including ingest, cleaning, feature extraction, modeling, statistical validation, and visualization / reporting
· Bachelor of Science or higher in engineering, science, or mathematics, with specializations related to computer science preferred
· Minimum of 3 years relevant experience, including internships, part-time positions, and graduate level education

Desired skills
· Expertise in one or more of: natural language processing, probabilistic modeling, time series analysis, anomaly detection, deep learning, behavioral analysis, causal analysis
· Analytics experience in finance, insurance, cyber security, and/or sports
· Proficiency in other analytics technologies, such as R, SQL, CUDA, Hadoop, and Spark
· Experience with Dataiku's Data Science Studio

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.