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Our Government and Large Commercial high-profile clients are high-tech organizations with programs in science, technology, engineering and math. For these positions, they are asking for us to provide data analysts that are passionate about transforming and making data usable for new services, business models, and to help economic development. We are looking for people that believe data is the new gold.

We are looking for data analysts, data wranglers, data scientists with excellent leadership, technical, and subject matter expertise qualities. We have projects lining up developing research-grade science data algorithms from in-situ sensors to bringing together data sources from disparate sub-agencies into enterprise platforms to make available on open-data platforms. We have projects that are creating data and bigdata prototypes whether it be on CartoDB geospatial, D3 Sankeys and various libraries, feeding and harvesting RDF Triplets into catalogs, or integrating into SEO environments. Admittedly, we have some less sexy data wrangling and janitor tasks that will require more ETL skills to hone in on.

To boot, we want our analysts to be natural change agents and passionate about change while empathetic to the clients environment on how they leverage, mature, and incorporate data products, services, and new capabilities. We want leaders who can both support the influence of the right change direction while managing the technical and business analysis and design, and are skilled and self-motivated with solid domain/subject matter expertise.

Our analysts will be on teams that, through facilitated analysis, work shoulder-to-shoulder with teammates to come up with the conceptual and logical design and architecture. Analysts will also be working very closely with client staff or system integrators to rapidly implement changes or agile release. Furthermore, we devise and craft strategies and communications solutions to broadcast and brag about their change efforts and results. This is what we do – we bring transformations to life.

Position Requirements:

You will be expected to rapidly ramp-up on client lingo, proactively make observations of patterns, anomalies, problems, and be customer service focused. You will be expected to be highly self-motivated and understand you will be held accountable to commitments. We look for decisive individuals able to rapidly respond to change requests and able to communicate, track, and escalate risk. We expect you to be proactive, efficient, and ready to learn quickly in response to all client and team member needs. This is a bootcamp-type position setup for growth.

We want you to not only gain technical skills, but also grow your interactive and client facing skills. All roles will require strong communication and interactive skills – oral, written, visual especially for triaging conflict, ideation barriers, mitigating risk, foster thought diversity and team environment. We expect all our roles to have a mastery of their technical level at their role whether that be in architectural methods, languages, work products, consulting techniques, and client culture. If they are not, they need to demonstrate how they are VERY fast learners.

For the technical prowess, we will want you to demonstrate your data science nerd-dom and technology stack as part of normal vernacular in one or many of these stacks (with the first being default requirement):

  • Data Transformation – ETL, perl, python, SQL, FTP, Informatica, SAFE/FME, Kettle, GeoKettle
  • Machine Learning – Markov or Markov Chain, Naive Bayes, N-Grams, Levenshtein distance or Damerau-Levenshtein distance, Fuzzy Search, NLP,
  • Algorithm Development and Visualization – R, Octave, MatLAB, OpenCV, Viola-Jones Haar-Cascade
  • Geospatial Transformation – GEOJson, CartoDB, K-Means, Nearest Neighbor, Anselin Local Moran's, Monte Carlo Simulation, Mantel Index, Standard Deviational Ellipse, GeoServer, ESRI, ESRI/Hadoop, PostGIS
  • Web BI – NodeJS, PHP, Web JavaScript libs like jQuery, ExtJS, D3JS, R Project, HTML5, CSS3, Many more.
  • NoSQL – MongDB, Hadoop, CouchDB, Solr, ElasticSearch
  • Candidate should be experts in one of the disruptions cited on the Xentity Home page
  • 1 year of consulting experience – higher compensation for additional 3 more years in related analytical work products and additional 2 more years in subject matter
  • Could pass ad-hoc technical and whiteboard test given various data ETL and other patterns of real-time, large data, data cleanup, etc. scenarios
  • For Federal work, our work is traditionally unclassified, but will require certain amount of background, reference, and other checks
  • Travel will be maximum 20%
  • We emphasize a balance of work and life and target 40-50 hour weeks with ample times to refresh with great paid-time off.

More about Xentity

We are a fast-growing data-first technology consulting and support services firm. Check out to learn about our focus, services, clients, missions, values as well as our excellent benefits package and career information.

We have high profile clients and projects that our staff really delivery for, as well enjoy knowing they make a large difference.

Our President has a vision to continue to focus on solutions that transform the Next Generation. He seeks projects in renewable energy, integrating geosciences, high performance computing, big data and advanced concepts like fuzzy logic, changing interfaces points mobile or augmented reality and many more disruptions. He wants to continue to put the I back in Information Technology by concentrating on pragmatic designs, leadership and management, and the all too forgotten focus on outreach and engagement strategies and solutions.

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