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Data Engineer - IoT BigData Jobs

Data Engineer

Data Engineer

Playa del Rey, CA 90293 2016-11-03 - –

ImpactHealthio Impact Health

Most people would rather have a root canal than have to track down the best insurance plan to cover that root canal. That’s because the world of health insurance is byzantine and complicated and rarely puts the customer at the center of the process. At Impact Health, we want to change that. Our mission is to make buying health insurance online simple and transparent. Our web platform uses data and predictive modeling to provide consumers with real costs and help them choose the right plan to fit their needs and save money–all in just 5 minutes.

Impact Health is a TECHSTARS NYC accelerator company where we strive to work as servant leaders, obsessively focused on our customers. Having a positive culture and challenging the norms to achieve that culture is part of what excites us. Our customers and our employees are our highest priority–without our team, we can’t keep growing and innovating.

So, what kinds of people make our team work? They share certain core strengths that capture our company values:

  • Judgment : You identify root causes and make wise decisions despite ambiguity. You focus on what must be done well now, and differentiate what can be improved upon later.
  • Communication : You listen well without rushing to react. You are articulate and treat people with calm and respect, no matter their status or situation.
  • Impact : You focus on consistently and efficiently doing work that yields great results.
  • Curiosity : You seek to understand our strategy, market, and subscribers, and learn rapidly and eagerly.
  • Innovation : You challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches.
  • Courage : You take smart risks, make tough decisions, and question actions that conflict with our values.
  • Passion : You care intensely about excellence and celebrate wins.
  • Honesty : You are candid, direct, and quick to admit mistakes.
  • Selflessness : You seek what is best for your colleagues and company.

If you see yourself here, we would love to get to know you better! We’re always looking for the next kickass person who could be a great fit for our rapidly growing team.

The Job:

Our Data Engineer will manage big data and design, build, and integrate data from various resources. You’ll write complex queries to make sure systems are easily accessible and work smoothly. Your goal is optimizing the performance of Impact Health’s big data ecosystem.

You might also run some ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) on top of big datasets and create big data warehouses that can be used for reporting or analysis by our data scientists. Skills and tools: Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Data streaming, NoSQL, SQL, programming.

What You’ll Do:

  • Design, build and optimize scalable data pipelines
  • Work together with data scientists to streamline algorithm development
  • Create ETL flows and dashboards to better understand our rapidly growing user base
  • Build pipelines to support A/B testing of models and user cohort analysis
  • Extend and implement core functionality in our data processing platform
  • Evolve Spark/Hadoop data systems with an eye towards processing terabytes a day
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams to make data available as part of user facing features

What You’ll Bring:

  • Previous experience in Spark, Docker, Python, Scala, API design and implementation
  • Previous experience with AWS infrastructure (EC2, S3, RDS, EMR, ECS etc.)
  • At least 2 years experience building pipelines at scale
  • Skills: Hadoop, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Big Data, Data Science, Apache Spark
  • 8+ years in data engineering, including some time at an early stage technology startup
  • Experience with RDBMS like Postgres and PostgresSQL.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary based on experience
  • 100% healthcare coverage
  • Pick your own equipment and keep it if you leave the company
  • Unlimited paid vacation days
  • Free lunch plan and healthy snacks
  • Location: Anywhere you want. We have a beachfront office paradise in Playa Del Rey, CA, and an urban loft in Pasadena, CA. But most positions can work remotely, too.

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.