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Data Engineer - IoT BigData Jobs

Data Engineer

Data Engineer

San Carlos, CA 2016-11-05 - –

upstart Upstart

Do you love building infrastructure to move and analyze large volumes of data? Do you want to work for a company whose success depends on its ability to efficiently make sense of data? As a data engineer at Upstart, you'll be responsible for architecting systems to move, store, transform, and analyze large amounts of data, including financial and business data. You'll have an outsized impact on the productivity of the entire engineering and data science team and directly contribute to Upstart's core competitive advantage.



  • Experience building large-scale data pipelines and warehousing solutions
  • Experience with technologies like S3, Redshift, Spark, and Hadoop
  • Ability to evaluate the scale of data problems and determine the optimal solutions for those problems

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.