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Data Engineer - IoT BigData Jobs

Data Engineer

NeoGenomics Laboratories


This role is part of the Pharma Services business of NeoGenomics Inc. to develop and maintain robust software solutions for both data generation and the operational infrastructure. Key elements are the development of custom software components and analytics applications and include the in-house image analytics toolbox, long term maintenance of the MultiOmyx laboratory operating system, and the development of advanced image viewing and analysis software.

This role is based in Aliso Viejo, CA, and will liaise across all the Pharma Services locations, provide essential input to all software and analytical tools, and ensure efficiency and consistency.

Essential Duties

Works on multiple projects to develop and maintain software applications and other automation tools.

Writes well designed, testable and efficient code for scalable data analytics applications.

Interfaces with the business, academic, commercial, and internal users to refine and expand the software applications by breaking down business requirements into technical requirements and specifications.

Works with the IT team to develop, test and maintain database management applications.

Supports the development of scalable applications with interactive user interfaces that interact with image analysis algorithms.

Evaluates and provides feedback on future technologies and releases.

Desired Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other technical discipline with a minimum of 1-3 years of software development experience.

Demonstrated ability to work within a team environment and independently.

Strong analytical and problem solving skills. Enthusiastic about learning new tools and technologies.

Experience with object oriented coding and scripting in a variety of languages: Python (preferred), Java, C++, C# and .Net. Experience with Lua and MatLab is a plus.

Deep understanding of key data structures and algorithm design and development.

Experience working with real-world large-scale, high dimensional data sets

Knowledge of relational data base management and languages: Experience with SQLite or MySQL is a plus.

Familiarity with Scrum and other agile software development methods: CSD certification is a plus.

About MultiOmyx:
MultiOmyx is a highly multiplexed immunofluorescent (IF) imaging technology capable of spatially quantifying up to 60 biomarkers from a single slide. In addition to profiling protein biomarkers, the same slide can be analyzed using FISH and/or NGS and similarly MultiOmyx IF technology can be combined with RNAscope, enabling a comprehensive multi-omic interrogation of protein, DNA, RNA and mutational profiling from a single slide.

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