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Data Analytics + Computer Science Researcher- INNC- ICL-1216 - IoT BigData Jobs

Data Analytics + Computer Scie...

georgiatech Georgia Tech Research Institute

GTRI Position Detail

Research Scientist I – Data Analytics and Computer Science

Innovative Computing Division

Information and Communications Lab

Full-time, permanent position available starting immediately. Looking for a data scientist and computer scientist with experience working on large datasets to extract meaningful insight. In particular skillsets both in doing data science (statistical analysis and inference, machine learning, and graph analytics) as well as software engineering experience building tools and applications for data science (using python, R, etc.) are desired. Additionally, skills in web development are a plus, both in building back-end modular APIs as well as front-end tools. Candidate needs to be able to communicate effectively their results both through documentation as well as through technical writing and reports. Candidate may also be asked to work on proposals for funding, thus proposal writing experience is preferred. Application domains of interest are varied, but particularly experience working with health data (both clinical and cost based), sensors and IoT, or network analysis.

Candidates should be adept in learning new programming languages and frameworks quickly, and should be able to demonstrate the ability to integrate large projects together that span multiple languages and problem domains.

The projects are based out of 75 th 5 th St, NW, Atlanta, on the Georgia Tech campus. Occasional travel may be required and is project dependent.

The High Performance Computing and Data Analytics branch at GTRI works on problems ranging from low-level computer architecture design, to building scalable algorithms and data structures, to machine learning and statistical inference. Our team is able to successfully span the full technology stack to bring cutting-edge research in data analytics to scale, and then apply those analytics to real-world problems to enable actionable insight. Our team works on a variety of projects ranging from data analytics in healthcare, data analysis on IoT devices and Smart Cities, predictive modeling of industry data, graph analytics of network traffic for cybersecurity applications, and large scale parallel and discrete event simulations. We are looking for candidates that are excited by taking their skills to a variety of problems always with an eye on customer value, performance, and scalability.

Candidate must be a US citizen eligible for a security clearance. An active clearance is not required at time of application.


To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.