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Data Analyst - IoT BigData Jobs

Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Louisville, KY 40299 2016-11-03 - –

hydromaxusa Hydromax USA

Hydromax USA is an independent professional services firm specializing in data collection in support of locating and assessing the condition of the country’s aging water, wastewater and natural gas conveyance systems. Our vast experience with new technologies and innovative techniques empower contractors, engineers and utility owners to make the best repair and rehabilitation decisions regarding their buried infrastructures. In a nutshell, we get it … better data, better decisions.

Data analysts are the link between our clients and the Hydromax USA field crews. Analysts are responsible for the processing and analysis of all field-collected data. Analysts use this data in conjunction with geographic information systems and a variety of other resources to make a number of qualitative decisions, primarily regarding risk assessment, data quality control and the direction of field work flow. Additionally, analysts oversee data input and database management, prepare field inspection work for billing and accurately assign billing rates ,and provide support to field operations. Each day presents a new set of challenges for the data analyst to solve, requiring a high level of analytical thinking. Overcoming these challenges leads to a mentally-engaging and rewarding work experience.


  • Excellent problem solving ability
  • High level of analytical thinking
  • Strong decision-making ability
  • Attention to detail


  • Technical education background (physics, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, biology, etc.)
  • Microsoft Access/ SQL
  • GIS (ESRI, ArcMap)

Full time position with overtime opportunity

Health, dental, PTO and matching 401(k) available

Flexible work schedule

Office environment

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.