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Big Data Engineer - IoT BigData Jobs

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer

St. Louis, MO 2016-11-07 - –


Monsanto’s mission is centered on developing
agricultural solutions for a sustainable future that will include a global
population projected to eclipse 9.6 billion by 2050. We approach agriculture
holistically, looking across a broad range of solutions from using biotechnology
and plant breeding to produce the best possible seeds, to advanced predictive
and prescriptive analytics designed to select the best possible crop system for
every acre.

To make this possible, Monsanto collects terabytes
of data across all aspects of its operations, from genome sequencing, crop
field trials, manufacturing, supply chain, and everything in between. There is
an enormous need and potential here to do something that has never been done
before. We need great Big Data Engineers to help transform these complex scientific
datasets into innovative software that is deployed across the pipeline,
accelerating the pace and quality of all crop system development decisions to
unbelievable levels.

What you will do:

• Be a critical senior member of a full-stack data engineering team focused on creating distributed analysis capabilities around our scientific datasets

• Think through complex scientific problems and work to solve them by applying cutting edge data engineering practices

• Collaborate closely with your engineering team colleagues and with data scientists across multiple research teams

• Take pride in software craftsmanship, diving deep into code and constantly innovating

Why you should join us:

• Work with other top level talent solving a wide range of complex and unique challenges that have real world impact

• We value the exploration of all relevant technology stacks in order to find the best fit for each dataset

• We prioritize and pursue opportunities to present our work at relevant technical conferences: https://youtu.be/6KEvLURBenM

• Our environment values your talent over a role or title. Strength of ideas trumps position on an org chart

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.