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Big Data Analyst - IoT BigData Jobs

Big Data Analyst

Big Data Analyst

San Francisco, CA 2016-11-10 - –

Salesforce Salesforce

Big-Data Analyst
So, you can query petabytes of data using your favourite big-data toolkits, analyse it using established statistical and machine learning techniques, and communicate the derived insights through clear and concise charts and reports. In your past you may have doubled as an analyst, a BI expert, backend analytics developer, or a data-scientist, but deep inside all you really care about is discovering valuable patterns hidden in data.
Great, we're dying to talk to you! We're looking for people who can query and mine large data sets, build insightful reports internally and externally, and drive the future of our analytics products. People who get things done by using their smarts and whatever tools make sense to get the job done. People who love to stand on the shoulders of giants to solve new problems and thrive in a rapidly innovating space. Are you at the beginning of your career and this is where you see yourself in the future? Let us know; we love to work with bright people looking to grow.
Your Role:
Communicate findings internally and externally, generating reports and dashboards, building narratives that resonate with clients and stakeholders.
Using statistical and machine learning principles to discover hidden patterns, perform predictive analysis and build models that drive insights.
Data querying, transforming, cleansing and linking
Scale efforts to democratise data internally and externally, be an ambassador for data driven culture.
Become and stay an expert in current and emerging techniques and tools
Your Skills and Qualities:
Are addicted to numbers and charts and can manipulate them programmatically by leveraging BI tools
Back all arguments with data and speak database language
Are a great communicator, able to articulate complex concepts in easy to understand language
R, Python, Scala and Java are some of the tools in your toolbelt
A bayesian at heart but can report significance if asked
Make things work and get things done
Love to learn new things and can do so quickly
Like working and being part of interdisciplinary teams
We are the leading Data-Management-Platform in the market, with a huge vision, fearless leaders, lots of traction, and a global client base. Come join the fun and pave the path to the future of People Data.

To apply for this job please visit tinyurl.com.